Wizardry Llylgamyn Saga

English Translation

What is Wizardry Llylgamyn Saga?

Wizardry Llylgamyn Saga is a remake of the first three Wizardry games (Proving Grounds, Knight of Diamonds, and Legacy of Llylgamyn) by Soliton Soft for Windows 95/98 (Playstation and Sega Saturn versions are also available). Unfortunately, the game is written in Japanese, and is only sold in Japan; however, the game options allow you to change about 90% (wild guess) of the text to English. The focus of this page is to try to change the other 10% to English too.

What is the status of this project?

Unfortunately, I have not worked on this project in over two decades, and am unlikely to resume work on it. However, there are no plans to take this site down; what's here will remain available.

How can I play Llylgamyn Saga in English?

  1. Download the latest release of the translation, and follow the instructions in the README file to install it.
  2. Run the game. When you can access the menus, click on the "Messages" menu, and change all five submenus to "English."
  3. Quit the game and restart it to ensure everything is changed.

Additional Notes